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Kandra Lightner

Please keep me In ur prayers! I am beginning to fall into a bad place and very sad and depressed and down! I was supposed to start my new job tomorrow but they called me and basically told me the position is being cancelled and now I already put notice in and quit my other job! So I am out of work with no income coming in and bills are slowly starting to pile up! I have been out of work two weeks already and this coming week will be three weeks! I have put in applications for jobs every day all day and haven't had any actual job offers yet! I am stressing out bc I am trying to keep a roof over my kids head and food on the table and lights and heat on but I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to pay these bills and rent is due this Friday so I'm sure I will be getting an eviction notice before long and my car payment is falling more and more behind! On top of this my husband came back again and just showed up on my doorstep last Sunday bc he couldn't call or text me bc he is blocked on my phone and last night he didn't come home again and we got into it bad and I went to the girl house and things got really out of hand! He is back on block so he can't call or text me! I messed up his car bc I was so hurt and angry and upset bc of how he treating me and disrespecting me and hurting me once again and on top of that I was already very upset and hurt about my bills and job situation! It feels like everything is just falling apart after it seemed to be getting back on track! I've just been in bed all day all night everyday with my door shut! I know my kids are feeling the effects from all this and I'm so sorry but I'm starting to feel very bad and feel like things are only gonna get worse! I've been crying continuously about all of it day and night everyday! I just hate we are going through all of this! Please keep me in ur prayers!

Received: January 27, 2019

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