About The National Prayer Room

The National Prayer Room began out of a conversation at a Starbucks. “What if we could use technology to help Christians grow in their prayer life?”

From that simple question, the ministry was born. At National Prayer Room we are all about helping Christians grow in their faith through encouraging and equipping teaching on prayer.

Since that simple conversation at Starbucks, over 45,000 people from 129 countries have been taught to pray for their husbands, wives, and pastors. We continue to seek creative and innovative ways help Christians grow in their faith and prayer life.

Most Christians struggle with their prayer life. Few things in the Christian life bring as much guilt and struggle as prayer. We believe prayer should be a joyful and fulfilling experience, not a dull monologue.

Prayer is the Christian’s most powerful tool is often the least used. Our goal is to empower Christian to pray more consistently and effectively.

The mission of the National Prayer Room is to encourage prayer in the lives Christians and to mobilize them to pray for spiritual awakening.

We are not about politics, personalities, denominations, or dogmas. We’re about encouraging Christians to pray.

By using the Internet and social media, our goal is to mobilize thousands of Christians across the country to set aside their differences and begin praying.

At National Prayer Room, we believe when Christian pray, God gets involved. When God gets involved, things happen.

Our goal is to encourage and equip millions of Christians to pray and seek personal and national awakening.

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About the Founder

Billy Taylor is a minister, writer and Christian speaker. He has served churches as Sr Pastor and worship leader in churches in Texas and Oklahoma. His passion is helping Christians experience all God has for them. He served as the Executive Director of the International Worship Institute. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. He is a frequent speaker to men’s groups.

To schedule Billy Taylor to speak to your church, contact him at 817.733.6405