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Please pray for my daughter, Rachel. She is our only child as I have many serious chronic health problems which made it nearly impossible for me to have a child. My Pastor, Creflo Dollar proclaimed in a Word of Knowledge that I would have a daughter whom God would use mightily for the Kingdom. He said Satan would try to kill her, but God’s hand of protection would be on her. Her birth was miraculous in a number of ways. Doctors repeatedly tried to convince me to abort her as they were certain she would be born with heart problems requiring surgery at birth.They also said I could die during delivery. She was born via emergency C-section with a high fever, in respiratory distress, lungs full of fluid, and she was completely blue. The cord was wrapped around her neck three times and she was very, very weak so they admitted her to the Neo-natal ICU. I was told she had floppy baby syndrome due to lack of oxygen during delivery and that she likely would have cerebral palsy, but she didn’t. Doctors said she was an unexplainable medical miracle.But I know she was a miracle from God. Today, my daughter is 21 years old. My daughter is extremely depressed and suicidal. She doesn’t even take care of her health or hygiene because her depression is so severe. She also cuts herself when very stressed. She suffers severe social anxiety which prevents her from being able to attend college or to keep a job. My daughter got saved at four years of age. She grew up believing in, loving, and having a personal relationship with Christ! Many, many people received miracles when she prayed for them while she was 4-12 years of age. But since the age of 15, she has turned her back on God. Please pray for her! Pray for her restoration with Jesus and for her healing of depression and anxiety. I do not want Satan to kill her before she gets right with Jesus again! I’ve had her in Therapy with Christian Certified Therapists but she, or circumstances always end it eventually. I desperately need your prayers for my daughter, Rachel. Thank you so sincerely for your time reading this and for your precious prayers. May God bless you in return.

Received: November 18, 2018

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