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I was spoken to at my job by HR because people say I'm not approachable, I don't smile. The rule for getting assistance is via email, IM or chat. No one has a problem with me in regards to my work. I have never been on any disciplinary action, I exceed my quota and exceed the quality standards. The problem they say is I don't smile. I only leave my desk 4 times: two 15 min breaks, 1 lunch and at the end of my shift to leave. I wear noise cancelling headphones to do my computer work and I listen to white noise all day. We have been told there was too much talking, not enough producing and too many people up at other's desk. None of that applies to me. The problem is when people visit my desk to greet (good morning) pass me on my way to bathroom in the halls I don't smile. This is a center that is not open to the public and if I don't have anything to smile about I will not smile. I am not a puppet. I work in Florida an at will state and can be terminated if these fools want to. My prayer request is for them to leave me alone. I have told them I am there to work and I am following the rules they set in place and I am smiling on the inside. Them wanting me to smile is their problem. I hate them for disturbing my peace. My pay, schedule and benefits are great. Please pray that these people leave me alone to do my job and that I have a stroke so that my face can never smile again because after my HR meeting there really isn't a reason to when I am in the office. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Sorry this is long but it's a real ridiculous story that is happening.

Received: January 8, 2019

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