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Kandra Lightner

Please pray for me and my children. After my husband had been home for about 3 weeks straight he sent me a text message this past Friday and basically said he is staying with the other woman Maddie. So he has left us and walked out again on us once again. God I can’t do this anymore. What makes it different this time is he left us with absolutely no money for food and no money for gas. I have no idea how I’m going to get to work all week and no idea how I’m going to get us food. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for my sons after school program fee and no idea how I’m going to get him picked up from after school. God my life is just a mess right now and I am officially giving up on my husband and my marriage and our family. My husband has made it clear he doesn’t care about me or his kids by me. He only cares about his mistress and his child on the way by her. I am moving forward with filing for separation or divorce whichever one is financially better for me and kids. Right now we are extremely struggling and barely making ends meet.i can’t continue living my life like this. Everything my husband has done or said this past couple of weeks has been a lie. I got up early and took him to work this past week bc he was without his car and picked him up each day but on Friday just past he got his car up and running and left us after using me. God I ask you to just make a way out of no way financially for me and my boys and let us move on with our lives and be happy. God I ask you to send us a truly Godly man in our lives that wants to be with me that respects me loves me cares for me appreciates me doesn’t cheat on me and doesn’t lie and that truly is a Good definition of a father figure to my boys as well. Release me from this marriage God and please truly show my husband that I am sick and tired and I am letting go and moving on. God please make a way out of no way and provide and be here for me and my boys. I guess celebrating our anniversary recently and going out of town meant Absolutely nothing and was a complete waste of time and money.

Received: November 4, 2018

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